Saturday, 10 October 2015

Day Out: Disneyland Paris!

I am OBSESSED with Disney! The films, the characters, just everything! But I had never been to Disneyland... a shock I know! So once I had finished school my friend and I decided the only logical thing to do... at 18 years of age was to go to Disneyland! We went at the end of June when everyone was still at school so it was really quiet and we hardly had to queue up for any rides which meant we could get so much done! We were in France for three days and it had to be the three most magical days EVER!

We met loads of characters and went on the rides the whole trip was amazing. We first went to the actual Disneyland park and my favourite rides included Autopia, Its a small world and Indiana Jones. We went to the Princess Pavilion where we met Princess Aurora and she was so lovely. We visited the park over two days and saw the light show both evenings and it was incredible! 

We also went to the Walt Disney Studios where we saw two shows. One was Animagique which was a cute show with Disney characters and songs. We also saw a car show which showed how they did all the special effects in films; it was really cool and interesting. 

We didn't stay in a Disney hotel but we were only one train stop away from the park and it was super easy to get to. The final day we were in France we went shopping...of course! We also did loads of shopping at the actual Disney park. The first thing we had to do was buy the official Minnie Mouse ears which we never took off! (the whole trip!) Even the shops looked magical and the whole experience was amazing.

Let me know if you've been to Disneyland and what your favourite rides were!

Justaddgloss x

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