Monday, 5 October 2015

Make up brushes

No make up would look good unless you have the right brushes to apply it with. My absolute favourite brushes are the Beauty Prestige brushes. I have the limited edition cosmetic brush collection which includes 6 brushes; a full powder brush, a blending brush, an all over shadow brush, a tapered eye blending brush, a smudge brush and an angled eyeliner brush. 

The main brushes I use regularly is the full powder brush and the blending brush. The full powder brush is large and fluffy making it amazing for applying powder. I use the blending brush for bronzer as it is the perfect size; it is easy to control allowing me to apply just the right amount I want. 
The other brushes work just as well and the variety of sizes make it easier to apply eye shadow in all different areas of my eye and allows me to have more control on where I am applying my make up.

Beauty Prestige also have a variety of different brushes which I have not yet tried out by I am definitely going to in the future! The set I have also came with a travel pouch which keeps the brushes neat and in order when travelling. It is small, thin and light making it perfect for travelling and also has pockets on the side to store smaller things which you might not want to loose.

The variety of brushes make it the perfect set to apply almost all my make up with them. They are so soft and durable and easy to clean. I haven't found a better brush which I would replace them with and I would definitely recommend giving them a try if you haven't! 

Justaddgloss x

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