Saturday, 31 October 2015

Simple Skincare

Skincare is SO important and I definitely notice a difference when I don't use my Simple skincare products. It leaves my skin feeling refreshed, clean and smooth. When I go to apply my make up the next day I find it applies better and my make up does appear patchy. 

Since using Simple for almost two years now I rarely have any spots and when I do they don't last long. When I get dry patches I use the moisturiser twice a day and within a week I typically find that the dry patches have gone. 

I use the moisturising face wash once I have removed my make up to make sure it has all gone and to clean my pores and my skin. This has reduced the redness in my skin and leaves it feeling clean and clear. I also use two of their moisturisers; the anti-blemish moisturiser and the hydrating light moisturiser. I use the anti-blemish one when I have a spot and to unclog my pores. This gets rid of my spots fast and reduces the chance they come back. I love using the light moisturiser as, as the name suggests, is light on my skin and doesn't leave a sticky feeling. It clears my skin and works well with the face wash to leave my skin feeling soft afterwards. 

I like to use face masks; however, when I don't get the chance these Simple products work just as well. Since using them I have also found I don't need to apply a face mask as often either. 

I love using these products and I couldn't recommend them any higher. 

Justaddgloss x


  1. I have never tried any products from the Simple skin care but I heard that they are lovely :)

    Sarah | What Sarah Writes

    1. yes they are so good, perfect for all skin types!

  2. i love simple getting more tomorrow x