Saturday, 7 November 2015

Painting nails

I thought I would share with you the process of painting my nails I would love to know if you do anything differently!

The first thing I do is remove my current nail varnish with any nail varnish remover. I have found that even the most inexpensive nail varnish removers work just as well and remove my nail varnish perfectly. 

I then put a base coat on as it protects my nails and prevents them from going a yellow-ish colour. Recently I have been loving the Barry M base and top coat. 

Now its time to add colour! I chose to use the Barry M gelly hi-shine in pomegranate. I love this colour as it is bright, long lasting and the hi-shine means you don't have to use a top coat if you don't want to. 

Finally, I added a top coat for extra protection and shine; again I used the Barry M base and top coat.

Justaddgloss x



  1. The Red Pomergranate colour is lovely for Autumn & Christmas!

  2. That is perfection! When I paint my nails, I waste like half of the bottle on my fingers :)

    xx Rida Lasne

  3. Your nails came out so pretty, we usually get the polish all over, we will try your tips soon!

    ISA Professional

    1. ahh I don't always get so lucky, but thanks!