Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Seventeen: Foundation

A few years ago I loved wearing the Seventeen Skin Perfecting shine free foundation but when I went to buy some more they stopped selling it. From then I changed to my MAC face and body foundation. Recently I thought I would give Seventeen foundation another go and was disappointed; I bought the Miracle Matte foundation in the hopes it would be similar but it wasn't. The formula is too thick and more of a mousse like consistency, its difficult to blend in and leaves your face looking patchy.

In one final attempt I bought the Stay Time foundation and I am completely in love! The consistency is extremely thick as it is a full cover foundation; however, it doesn't feel as heavy on your skin and blends in so well. I got the shade porcelain which matches my skin tone perfectly and doesn't leave me with an orange tone as it is more of a yellow based foundation. I wouldn't say it was a matte shade however I also wouldn't say it is dewy; instead I think it is somewhere in the middle. If you are like me and like to wear a matte foundation I just apply powder over the top and it makes it more of a matte finish. 

It does claim to last up to 25 hours which can't say I completely agree with; however, it does last the whole day and it could just be that I touch my face a lot so it rubs off! It leaves your skin feeling smooth and soft. Because it is full coverage it covers up redness and spots on your face and you could even wear it without concealer!

The bottle style is different to any i've seen before, instead of a lid the top twists allowing you to push down and release the product. Once you are finished you just turn the top back and it stops you from accidentally pressing down and getting your foundation everywhere. The only problem I would say with this is that it gets extremely messy and it isn't always the easiest to push down and release the foundation - especially because it is very thick. 

Overall, this is definitely my new favourite foundation, I love it so much! It applies nicely, is long lasting and looks smooth and not patchy on my skin.

Let me know in the comments if you have tried this foundation and what you thought of it.

Justaddgloss x


  1. I feel you on the orange thing! I find it really hard to get foundation to match my skin too, but I got a new one from Number 7 recently which is just perfect. I love Seventeen as a brand though, especially their eyeshadows!
    Gorgeous blog :)
    Love, the Celtic Princess

    1. ooh I will have to try out a no7 foundation then! x

    2. Mmh, do - they're not too expensive either! Xox

  2. Aw well thats a bit dispointing :(
    -Morgan x