Wednesday, 6 January 2016

New Years Resolutions

Whenever I make New Years resolutions I just expect not to keep them because we all know it an be difficult trying to change. This year, however, I have tried to set myself realistic resolutions to try and make it easier for myself and actually try to stick to them. 

To eat healthier - lets not kid ourselves we all know I'm not going to go to the gym or exercise more but just to eat healthier by cutting down on the amount of chocolate and other unhealthy foods can help.

Drink more water - this year I have been quite unwell for not drinking enough; so this year I have decided to try and drink lots more water.

Post more blog posts - I set up a blog because I enjoy reading other peoples and wanted to share with you what I like. I set an unrealistic target of uploading three posts a week; with work and coursework and everything else I do, I just wasn't able to always post that often. This year I have decided to upload two posts a week which is slightly easier for me to do.

To balance my life - since starting my apprenticeship in November I have found it difficult balancing work with seeing my friends. This year I want to be on top of my coursework and make time to see my friends and just rest and look after myself. 

These are my New Years resolutions I would love to hear what some of yours are. At the end of the year I think I will do a review of my year and if I kept up these resolutions. 

Justaddgloss x

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